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Roof Waterproofing

Homeworks Corp., is a certified and licensed applicator of the HydroStop Premium System waterproofing system.


HydroStop Premium Coat is one of the highest quality roofing and waterproofing systems available. This flexible, ultraviolet resistant, elastomeric composite is fully reinforced with a tough non-woven polyester fabric designed for all roofing and flashing applications. HydroStop PremiumCoat is safe to handle and requires no special equipment to install. Provides a durable, energy-efficient surface that, when properly installed by a certified applicator, is warranted for up to 25 years. It does not require maintenance but when managed through a proper maintenance program, the warranty can be extended for an even longer period.


This system is the ideal and cost effective solution for sealing commercial and residential roofs in Puerto Rico. Approved by the Miami Dade County the system is designed to withstand the elements. In addition, it is certified by ENERGY STAR® for its efficiency in reducing the temperature and assisting in the energy saving of the treated property.


Why HydroStop® PremiumCoat®?


Hydro-Stop is proud to be on Factory Mutual's list as a "Class 1" roof system on a variety of substrates, including BUR asphalt, modified bit, PVC, TPO, concrete, steel, and insulation board. Hydro - Stop is the only fluid application system manufacturer to be FM4470 approved as an ISO Class 1 "standalone" roof covering and EPS insulation board. To achieve this designation, the PremiumCoat system undergoes fire tests, resistance to wind lift, hail damage, water leakage, and resistance to foot traffic. Having this approval also requires periodic plant audits to make sure the formulation and product quality have not been altered or changed.


It does not require total removal of existing systems such as asphalt membranes or other systems installed on the roof to be sealed. This makes installation easy, minimizes installation time, and reduces system installation costs.


It has a 10-year maintenance-free warranty and can be renewed through inspection and maintenance.


The HydroStop system has been designed to maintain its adherence to the surface even under hurricane-force conditions.

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